D. Pat Thomas

Writer, Yoga Teacher, Lover of Things Outdoors

The Shed

So, you may wonder, what am I working on now? The Shed is where you can find out what I'm up to, what's on the bench, what's on the shelf and what may happen next. Right now I'm doing final editing on Stone of Destiny and getting it ready for submission to potential agents. I'm also writing short stories, something I haven't done since high school.  I've already entered Pointed Down in a writing competition; it's about a tarot card reading where equivocation leaves hang a big question. I'm also working on a story involving a coffee kiosk that burns down during the pandemic. My critique group is going to look at a story about a scuba diving "accident," and I've got an idea for a children's story about a yellow boat. So the Shed is a busy place these days. And I have an idea for my next novel. The question of the moment is whether to invest the time and money to buy Scrivener,  writers' software. Will be watching some YouTubes and talking to other writers to make that decision. So much to do ........