D. Pat Thomas

Writer, Yoga Teacher, Lover of Things Outdoors

About the Author

After writing nonfiction most of my life, I came across the amazing story of the Stone of Destiny (the ancient throne of Scottish kings). This artifact is chock full of surprises. I'm quite convinced that the one on display at the Castle of Edinburgh is a substitute and the original is hidden elsewhere. It's been a total blast spinning a yarn about that. It sat on the shelf way too long, but now I'm deep into what surely will be the final revision.  I'm thinking I'll be in the throes of pitching this novel by summer.

Another passion of mine is yoga. Though I'm not teaching yoga at the moment because of the pandemic, I hope to be back teaching at Basin Rec in Park City,  Utah (where I live and play) soon. Figure this one out: I studied Hatha yoga for about 18 years, got my initial certification in Vinyasa, am 3/4 of the way through Kripalu 500-hr training and practice Anusura yoga here in Park City. I would describe my classes as contemplative and stretchy. Obviously, I am not an adherent of singular ways of doing things.

As for other things I'm into, I'm a live wire who has trouble sitting in front of my computer terribly long before getting up to go DO something. I'm passionate about the outdoors and enjoy hiking, camping, rock climbing, ocean sailing, scuba diving, back packing and snow skiing. I was studying African drumming until Covid hit. I guess you could say I like jumping into things.